Barbara's Beat: Teens can learn from nude celebrity photos

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Teens can learn from nude celebrity photos

The world is buzzing about the nude celebrity photos that were hacked from Apple's iCloud where they were thought to be safe. Some even thought their photos had been deleted. 

Parents, this is the best time to talk to your teenagers about taking nudes on their cell phones. They think they can take a photo and delete it. This should prove to them photos never really go away. 

Some teens think it's safe to send someone a picture on SnapChat because it disappears. It may disappear on their screen or even the person's screen to whom they sent it - unless they saved it - but it will remain on the server. 

Once a photo is out there, you can't get it back. You lose control over where it goes. You have no control over who sees it. It can ruin your reputation, or your life. 

If you have something that is private, and you want to keep it that way, it's better to keep it as far away from the world wide web as possible.


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