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April 16, 2009, Barbara's Beat began blogging about family issues; helping moms find deals, coupons and resources to save money, and make life easier; learn through reviews, and win giveaways; and keep updated about consumer issues.

We also promote MOMentrepreneurs and DADentrepreneurs.

With three grandchildren, a niece and nephew, we run the gamut from little girl parties, princesses, balls, cooking and Barbies; baby items; toddler items; to four-wheeling, sports, hunting and  more.

Barbara's profile

N.C. Grandma of three: boy 16, boy 14, girl 7. Aunt of two; a 4-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy.
Married 38 years, wife of a retired First Sgt. in the US Army. We served four tours in Germany.

I’m 56 and medically retired in 2004 due to chronic pain, and failed operations. I have more bad days than I care to discuss, and Barbara's Beat is the only thing that helps keep my mind active when I can do it.


We offer honest, valuable product reviews and giveaways on Barbara's Beat as a mutual benefit to your company, by bringing attention to your products or services, while providing a service to our readers as they learn the truth about products as well as winning them.

When we do a review, we use hi-res photos you provide, as well as take our own with the product in use if possible. We also use information about the product that you provide, as well as our own information about the product.

We do provide some media links such as Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin', and Facebook in a review. However, when another product is offered by your company for a giveaway, those media are on the Rafflecopter as well.

On the Rafflecopter, we select things for the readers to do, like join or follow different media of yours for entries. They also do and follow Barbara's Beat for entries. They may choose which things they wish to do depending on how bad they want to win the item. The more they do, the more chances they have to win. We don't like to make any entries mandatory.

When the end date arrives, Rafflecopter draws a winner, and we send it to you with the winner's information and you send their prize ASAP.

We must advise you we do all of our posts no-follow. That is to keep Google happy with us and with you. If this is something that doesn't make you happy, then I'm sorry, but we will not change our policy for any reason.  
  • At this time, we always use Rafflecopter.
  • We always use pics - yours and ours.
  • We always link the products to the sponsor’s site.
  • We always send a link to the sponsor when we post the review/giveaway.
  • We always use all the sponsor’s media – Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, etc. 
  • We always have our posts – all posts - sent out two ways - by RSS and email subscribers.
  • We always have our posts automatically sent to Twitter, G+ and FB. 
  • We also post the giveaway links on our Pinterest boards such as Giveaways Galore. 
  • We always try to post the links on our sponsor’s FB page, too, but it helps if you also promote it on your media.                            

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Teen mother; Army wife of 23 years; reporter; self taught in everything I've done 1974present
The school of life

Updated 5/01/15

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