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Friday, December 27, 2013

Kiddy World Car Seat blogger opp

Crafty Spices is hosting an event and offering a bloggers opp. Sign up and get  a free Twitter link with announcement. 

Bloggers who bring in more referrals will get a free co-host spot. 
This giveaway will begin Jan. 6, and will end Jan. 21. One lucky winners will be selected to receive a Kiddy World Plus Car Seat color of their choice.

To get HTML code for this announcement Click Here.
  • With announcement each blogger receives 1 free link (Twitter or Facebook)
  • Additional Links can be purchased at $3 each. These links can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any link as long as you provide (Social network name, user name and your direct link). 
  • Co-host spots are $6 each, limited quantity available. This includes 3 links, guaranteed to be directly in the rafflecopteron, a back link to your blog on the giveaway page, 125 x125 ad space for 30 days on Crafty Spices, and It also gives you the privilege to purchase additional links for just $1 each
  • The giveaway HTML will be sent out at least 2 days before the giveaway goes live and you should post before midnight the day the giveaway starts. We will not be sending out reminder emails to bloggers who forget to post and report link, we will just remove from the giveaway. 
  • Payments should be made as Gift via Paypal to cj [at] craftyspices [dot] com

If you post and you get 5 additional entries into the giveaway.

Please, say Barbara's Beat referred you

Click Here to sign up!

If you have any questions or comments, contact
Jay @Craftyspices

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