Barbara's Beat: Starbucks petitions to reopen government

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Starbucks petitions to reopen government

Starbucks has a petition at its 11,000 stores nationwide for customers to sign. The Come Together petition is for our leaders in Washington to end the shutdown and pay our debts.

This is a bipartisan effort. So far there are about one million signatures on the petition.

Have you signed the petition? Do you think this petition will get the attention of our governing officials? Is this a good way to help end the problems of our government? 

If you want to sign the petition online, as seen below, instead of going to the store, you can by going here. There's also a social badge if you care to post it.

Social Badge

To our leaders in Washington, D.C., now’s the time to come together to:
1. Reopen our government to serve the people.
2. Pay our debts on time to avoid another financial crisis.
3. Pass a bipartisan and comprehensive long-term budget deal by the end of the year.
We’ll ensure that you are added to the message to Washington, and that your voice will be heard.

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Cindy Merrill said...

The reason the Tea Party exists is because the Democrats AND the Republicans stopped listening to common folks like us long ago: The moneybags on Wall Street and large Corporate giants pay them all off. My advice? Make friends with your Amish neighbors, go to church, make as many local contacts as possible; above all, learn to be self sufficient. Sugar daddy Uncle Sam won't be around much longer.