Barbara's Beat: FPgirl has a new loyalty program - Club Z

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FPgirl has a new loyalty program - Club Z

Do you have problems finding what you like on the racks at the stores? Has your daughter dreamed of being a clothes designer? I know my granddaughter is a fashionista, but she likes to be a trendsetter, too.

There's a new loyalty rewards club for girls called Club Z from It's free and easy to join.

What is FPgirl?
FPgirl was created by FashionPlaytes, the ultimate fashion, style and social destination for girls, home to the online Style Mag and Club Z. FPgirl was founded in 2009. invites girls to design and wear their own clothes. They pick out the style and color, then add their own flair with embellishments, including their own brand label.

There are close to one million registered users on FPgirl. They have created more than 10 million clothing designs.

What is Club Z?
Club Z is a VIP membership for girls who want to be leaders at FPgirl. It's a free loyalty program. In exchange for your daughter's opinion about fashion and new products, feedback and participation in quizzes and challenges, she can earn rewards and enter contests for cool prizes. Who doesn't like free stuff?

But, the important part is she will learn her opinion counts. It will build her self esteem and make her feel good about herself. It may also give mom and daughter some quality girl time to talk about shopping and fashion. 

Club Z is the brainchild of FPgirl by FashionPlaytes, to give Generation Z girls a voice. Generation Z is where the “Z” in Club Z comes from.

If you're ready to join and do a little shopping for school, it's your lucky day. You can save 10% off all items at FashionPlaytes when you use promo code: USFAMILY. 

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