Barbara's Beat: Win your choice of an Action carrier 7/2

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Win your choice of an Action carrier 7/2


Are you a mom on the go? By the time you load a stroller, car seat, bags to carry all the snacks and drinks, blankets, toys, kids, and everything else needed to go on an outing, there isn't much room left in the vehicle. Sometimes the stroller takes up too much room and you just need another alternative.

BabyDashCo loves carriers because they eliminate the need for a stroller on short trips. The Action carrier allows her to travel with her 4-year-old without the need for a stroller. Her 4-year-old is very independent and loves to walk, but when they go to Disneyland or fairs he gets tired of walking by the end of the day. It's nice to have the Action carrier on hand so he can hitch a ride or take a short nap.

Action makes a variety of carriers made for babies or toddlers. BabyDashCo has the toddler carrier which is three inches taller in the body than their regular carrier, as well as offering an inch longer hood and two inches smaller in the shoulder webbing (because they're used mostly for back carries and gives you a tighter fit). The base of the “seat” is 19 inches across. All of the webbing on the toddler carrier is the same as their standard carrier.


The Action carrier has held up very nicely. BabyDashCo feels like her child is safe and secure. She especially loves that it can hold a child from 15-45 pounds That's a lot of weight and a great workout for mom or dad. The Action carrier has a clip that sits just above your hip to alleviate the tension on your shoulders. And a chest clip that helps secure the carrier so the shoulder straps don't slide off your shoulders.

The flip hood that is attached is nice, but her son is so tall it didn't fit over his head. Another thing I wish it had is a storage pocket of some sort. She loves to travel light and doesn't always like to carry a purse. But the overall look, feel and function of the carrier meets her expectations.

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Kris-chan said...

It makes me sad when Twitter feeds are required to unlock the other entries. I can only do the top two entries, and there are 91 more I could earn but I have no interest in Twitter!