Barbara's Beat: Casting firm searching for sorority sisters

Monday, June 17, 2013

Casting firm searching for sorority sisters

Doron Ofir Casting and a Major Cable Network officially announce the Nationwide search for Sorority Sisters who have kept the sisterhood alive past college for a brand new docu-series.

The iconic casting firm behind Model Employee, Jersey Shore and Millionaire Matchmaker are looking for sorority alumni who either live with, or in the same city as their sorority sisters.
Do you live with or near your sorority sisters from college? Do you maintain the same code of ethics? Are your parties bigger? Are the men hotter? Is the drama amplified? Without a house mom, who is in charge?

You lived together for the defining part of your college life—sisterhood was forged on the row, a sacred bond with virtue and elite standards. You redefined family and chose to continue the tradition after graduation.

Just because you graduated doesn’t mean you have grown up … old school was for the boys — this is a house of legacies! Abide by your pledge and live Sorority Ever After.
If you are at least 21 and appear under 35, want to hear your story apply online at:

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