Barbara's Beat: Wake up with One Life To Live in Llanview

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wake up with One Life To Live in Llanview

Llanview lives again and is going to be a hot new place with sex, lies, drugs, murder and who knows what else. The show just got started.

Peter Bartlett is returning as Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe. He answers the door to a freelance journalist and former classmate of Danielle Manning, from her boarding school days in London, and there stands Jeffrey King, played by Corbin Bleu of High School Musical, for Victoria Lord.  King sent Lord a breaking news story on a senate scandal.

Victoria Lord, played by Erika Slezak, runs the story in her newspaper, The Banner, about her archival U.S. senator Dr. Dorian Lord, played by Robin Strasser.

Jerry verDorn returns as Clint Buchanan, and wants to marry Victoria. He's no longer a prisoner at home.
Blair Cramer, played by Kassie DePaiva, is opening her new club, Shelter, and everyone is going. Natalie Buchanan Banks played by Melissa Archer, gets dolled up and hires a sitter for Liam so she can go out. There's no mention of John McBain who was last seen on General Hospital.

David Vickers Buchanan played by Tuc Watkins comes to Shelter, dancing Disco.

Cutter Wentworth played by Josh Kelly, who had found his rich mommy on an island before the TV show ended, is now a club promoter. He's promoting Blair's club.

Danielle Manning played by Kelley Missal, shows up at the club and get drunk. Then she yells at Matthew Buchanan, now played by Robert Gorrie, who was blamed for having Oxy when his dad, Bo Buchanan played by Robert S. Woods, found it before he left for Shelter, because it turns out it  belongs to Danielle.

Nora Hanen Buchanan, played by Hillary B. Smith doesn't say much to her son.

Matthew sees his baby momma, Destiny Evans, now played by Laura Harrier, at the club dancing and gives her a hard time.

Téa Delgado, played by Florencia Lozano, who ignored Danielle at home while she was daydreaming about the baby she lost, shows up at Shelter.

Todd Manning played by Roger Howarth, has returned from General Hospital. It's been said that he will not remain on the show for long, however, so he can return to GH. 

He shows up at Shelter looking for Danielle. When she is located, she has passed out on the floor and has to be rushed to the hospital. 

If you remember, during the final TV episode, Victor Lord, Jr., played by Trevor St. John, was tied up in a bed. Not dead. 

That's when Trevor St. John went to The Client List as a cop. 

Now, five years later, a hooded Victor seems to commit a homicide. Then he sneaks into the grand opening of Blair's club in time to see Danielle passed out and being carried away by Todd. 

Vimal Patel is being played by Nick Choksi. And, Rama Patel, is played by Shenaz Treasury.

Jack Manning is played by Andrew Trischitta. And,  Sam Manning is being played by Patrick J. Gibbons.

There's been no mention of Starr Manning, played by Kristen Alderson. I've heard she plans to return to General Hospital.  

Shaun Evans will be played by Sean Ringgold.
Nikki is played Jenni "JWoww" Farley.

Drew Buchanan II is played by Elijah and Isaiah Ford.

Dusky is played by Jessie Malakouti who looks a lot like Starr.

There will be a lot of more drama. And a lot more adult topics for 30 minutes a day beginning at 5 am EST daily.

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