Barbara's Beat: All My Children returns today and it's hot

Monday, April 29, 2013

All My Children returns today and it's hot

All My Children has a new beginning in Pine Valley after 41 years on the air. It's hotter, sexier, and more daring. They aren't wasting any time getting down to business.

But, it begins five years in the future from where it left off on Sept. 23, 2011. Prospect Park bought the licensing rights of All My Children and decided to make the web series which begins today. 

All the sets have changed, they're more modern, and some of the actors have changed or aren't returning. New episodes are 30 minutes long and will air on Hulu, which is free; Hulu Plus, which you can watch on your TV or iPad: and iTunes. Prospect Park also plans to find cable distributors in September. I've seen promos for the returning soaps on Lifetime, so maybe they're interested.

Returning character/actors:

Opal Cortlandt played by Jill Larson

Dixie Cooney played by Cady McClain

Dr. Joe Martin played by Ray MacDonnell

Jesse Hubbard played by Darnell Williams

Dr. Angie Hubbard played by Debbi Morgan

Bianca Montgomery played by Eden Riegel

Adam Chandler played by David Canary

Brooke English played by Julia Barr

Kendall Hart Slater played by Alicia Minshew 

Dr. Cara Castillo, played by Lindsay Hartley, is talking to her brother Dr. Griffin Castillo, played by Jordi Vilasuso, in the first episode about a person that may be a 5-year comatose patient. 

Zach Slater played by Thorsten Kaye, must have quit his role on SMASH.

Dr. David Hayward played by Vincent Irizarry returns, and we learn he's the one who apparently did the shooting at the mansion when the show ended on TV. This first episode shows him getting out of jail, returning to Pine Valley and is talking to a tombstone crying. It doesn't show who is buried there.

New to the show:

Jane McIntyre played by Heather Roop

Lea Marquez is new to the show and is played by Paula Garces.

Evelyn Johnson played by Francesca James, is new to the show.

Colby Chandler played by Brooke Newton

There's also a new JR Chandler in town, played by Ryan Bittle.

Hunter Morrison played Daniel Covin

Vlad played by Alfredo Diaz

 Eileen played by Caitlainne Rose Gurreri

Yuri played by Martin Harvey

Dylan Wilder is played by Jake Boyd

Dorell Anthony and Natasha Tax have both joined the cast  in unknown rolls.

Miranda Montgomery, played by Denyse Tontz, and AJ Chandler, played by Eric Nelsen, are now teenagers.

Cassandra Foster played by Saleisha Stowers, the daughter of Jesse and Angie disappears in the first episode. She was supposed to be arriving home as a surprise for her mom.

Opal's son, Pete Cortlandt, played by Robert Scott Wilson, is grown and upon returning to Pine Valley, has already fallen for Celia Fitzgerald played by Jordan Lane Price, whom he met briefly. He tells his mom he will stay in town for a while.

So far there's been no mention of Erica Kane who was played by Susan Lucci. She's one of the most popular characters on the show. I heard her make a statement about wanting to return, but said she had several other projects already scheduled. But, she still hopes to join the cast in the future.  

There's been no mention of Greenlee Smythe, played by Rebecca Budig or the beloved Ryan Lavery played by Cameron Mathison.

 The new shows air daily at 5 am EST and are available all day.

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