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Friday, January 29, 2010

JustJen customizes T-shirts, to rhinestone transfers with your blog logo

Creating custom shirts at JustJen is quick and easy. Shop for bride shirts, big sister T-shirts, cheerleading T-shirts, birthday T-shirts, or create your own custom designs.

I created a shirt for my granddaughter in a couple of minutes.

First, I decided to make her a Royal Princess customized t-shirt with Swarovski crystals, imported from Austria. I decided on a short-sleeved version so I can give it to her for her birthday which is in May.

Then, I picked her size and the color pink, because she's all girl. I picked the Fuchsia rhinestones so they will stand out.

For the letters I picked, nuptial. I wanted them to be fancy, but not too fancy for a toddler.
I had Princess Kristen written on the front with the crown, which is always in crystal AB (opalescent crystal), added above the P.

Choose from...
-11 shirt styles
- 7 shirt colors
- 22 crystal colors
All of JustJen's sparkling rhinestone T-shirts and clothing are embellished with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Rhinestone transfers, customized with your blog logo, design or lettering, are also available.

Ships in one day with $5 economy shipping. Prices vary.

Full Disclosure: "I have written this post as an entry into the Just Jen $100 GC Blogging Contest hosted on"

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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

My daughter is all girl too. It's pink all the way for her! :)