Barbara's Beat: $25 Visa GC giveaway #SickJustGotReal 5/10

Thursday, April 28, 2016

$25 Visa GC giveaway #SickJustGotReal 5/10

home_banner_desktopParents knows what it's like when your kids get sick. First they have the sniffles and you hope it's just an allergy. Maybe they smelled something that made them sneeze and sniffle and it will go away. No such luck. In the middle of the night you are awaken by a feverish, coughing, aching, sneezing child. Sick Just Got Real

Kids get sick, no matter how much you do to prevent it. When sick gets real in your house, Sick Just Got Real has your back with three solutions to tackle the ickiest of symptoms: Infants’ and Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and Children’s Dimetapp®.


Tales From A Southern Mom has found a few hacks for all of you parents to use when it hits your house and you just cannot think how to make things better.
  • The Tissue Box Hack: You have all been there and the kids have tissues of course USED! (YUCK) all over the place. The perfect solution when Sick Just Got Real for you is to tape an empty box to a full box of tissue, they can then just use them and stuff them in the empty box. Easy peasy.
  • Medicine Hack: You have to leave for work, you are leaving your sick child with your partner, but when did you give them the last dose of medicine. Find some small dry erase boards, and make a chart, mark the time when you give each dose and keep it with your medicines, then everyone can see where you are. Perfect hack.
  • The Toys are Alive Hack: You know the day they are sick they still want to have their favorite lovey's with them, the problem is what do you do with the germs that are crawling everywhere on them? You simple put the non battery operated toys into a garment bag and wash in your machine. Sick Just Got Real, but it does not have to stick around on toys.
  • Water, water everywhere Hack: You know that in order for them to get better and feel better they need to have plenty of fluids. The problem arises when you cannot get them to drink that water. Take that water bottle and put stickers along the side at one inch intervals. You then have an easy way to have them drink and you can keep track of it.
  • Sick Just Got Real Stuff Hack: You know those days when your kids are sick and you are running around crazy looking for everything? I have the solve. Use a tackle box and before they get sick fill it up with a coloring book, crayons, a special toy, maybe a DVD, and of course all the medicine you will need for them. Mark it Sick Kit and the next time you have a Sick Just Got Real moment, you are ready.
  • Tales From A Southern Mom has been a mom for 28 years and has learned that the best way to handle your Sick Just Got Real moments, is to simply be ready. It may not make it all go away, but you will have some strategies to make it easier to get through.

SickJustGotRealThis photo shows you what you need for Sick Just Got Real times. For more ways to help check out the Sick Just Got Real.™ website and the Sick Just Got Real.™ Facebook page.

Every mom has that Sick Just Got Real moment. Now you can make them so much better. So, here is my challenge to you. Comment below to tell us your perfect Sick Just Got Real hack, and enter below using the widget to have a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card.  

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Some Lucky Dog said...

We just had "sick just got real" at our house last week! It took a trip to the doctor for nausea medicine to end that one!

Heather said...

I think I'll get one of those fancy wine taps so that I am prepared the next time sick gets real at our place! Lol!