Barbara's Beat: 100 Winners, $700+, blogger opp 10/29

Friday, October 23, 2015

100 Winners, $700+, blogger opp 10/29

Speekee - Spanish For Kids Giveaway

Sponsor: Speekee

Hosted by: Amy and Aron's Real Life Reviews  

This is great prize to open new doors for your children.

Prizes: 100 winners Speekee - Spanish for Kids 
1st Place One year subscription of Speekee - Spanish for Kids
99 Winners of 1 month subscription of Speekee - Spanish For Kids

Each blogger will receive 2 Free links Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

World Wide Giveaway 

World Wide Blogger Opp

Dates 10/30-11/13

Sign Up Here or Below

Announcement Post

Announcement not required but preferred. Blogger with the most referrals will get a free co-host spot in an up coming giveaway, must have at least 5 to win.

Co-Host $5 for 5 Links (+2 =7 total) plus back link to your blog.

Secret word pages are $3 ($2 if you make your own)

Adding links like Daily Comments, retweets , pins, etc $2 each, limit 3 (link to specific post required)

Adding social links $1 limit 3
email sign ups $2

Any payment needed please send to as a friend/gift, Speekee in the notes

Posting will be required within 24 hours of launch.

I hope to see you there.

If you have any questions about this giveaway please email Amy at

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