Barbara's Beat: Six- pack of Butter Braid Pastries Giveaway 9/14

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Six- pack of Butter Braid Pastries Giveaway 9/14

Sponsored by Butter Braid Pastries

Hosted by Tales From A Southern Mom
Co-hosted by Deliciously Savvy and Michigan Saving and More 
People say they're a bit flaky, yet tender, and once they've had the chance to taste them, they can't live without them since they're so sweet and filled with goodness!

If school has started or maybe going to start this next week, and your kids do not want to get out of bed, Tales From A Southern Mom has the solution, Butter Braid! This is a fabulous pastry that you can take from your freezer the night before and put it in the pan, wait for it to rise and bake it the next morning. When your family smells this baking they will be running out of their rooms to get their share! 

Butter Braid was so wonderful and sent Tales From A Southern Mom:
  • Strawberry and Cream Cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Double Chocolate
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry and Cream Cheese
All of them are so good and when school time comes your kids are wide awake and ready to go. I know around here no matter what it is if they smell something baking they are all coming into the kitchen to see what is going on. I like how you can have the Butter Braid in the freezer, and if you get wind someone is coming from dinner, you can take it out and let it thaw and be ready to bake after your dinner. What a treat! 

I was excited to learn that Butter Braid pastries fundraising has helped schools and other no profit groups raise over $165 million! That is huge, you can have your sweets and help a good cause! 

The fact that these are hand braided in a small town in Iowa using only quality ingredients gives them a wonderful handmade appearance and taste nobody has to know this was sitting in your freezer, just waiting for you to bake it for them! 

This is one of those things that just fills a few purposes all at one time. They are convenient they taste great, they help schools and other raise money, can get people moving in the morning with their great home bakes smell, and they are such a high quality product. 

You can check out all of their product at their website here and here are the instructions for handling and baking the Butter Braid Pastries. 

Now for the best part. Butter Braid is giving away a 6 pack to one lucky reader and they will get to try the wonderfulness of these great products! 

Just enter below and good luck!   

Barbara's Beat is not responsible for the prize.


jessicanjela said...

I love donuts!

Heather62 said...

Strawberry and cream cheese sounds fantastic! Heck they all sound fantastic.

Nicole Given said...

I like the raspberry

benz1171 said...

I like warmed up bear claws. benz1171(at)hotmail(dot)com

judy schechter said...

I love all sorts of danishes, especially cheese and chocolate! I would totally do a happy dance if I won all this yumminess!