Barbara's Beat: Baby Platt Adoption Thirty-One Fundraiser

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby Platt Adoption Thirty-One Fundraiser

My son, Thomas, and his wife, Amanda, are trying to adopt a baby and are in need of funds. 

A very kind lady, Thirty-One Director Joanna Robinson Camero, is helping them by doing a Thirty-One fundraiser for them. 

This is the final week where all purchases will benefit the Baby Platt adoption. If you have thought about making a purchase, please consider placing it through her link so it will help my kids  get the baby they so desire and deserve. 

It goes without saying we will be forever grateful.



VickeC said...

Just a note about the cost of adoption,,if they went thru the foster care parent program,and adopted thru foster care,,it would be free,you can say that you only want to foster adoptable babies,,just thought id throw that out there in case they didnt know it,,we adopted thru the foster care sysytem and it was no cost to us at all

Lynn M,. said...

Wanted only to wish them good luck. I'm adopted (as is my husband). My home was loving and supportive and they are surely my parents as much as any parent could be to a child. Some of us are just luckier to trade up ;-)