Barbara's Beat: Kenny, we love you and miss you

Friday, March 13, 2015

Kenny, we love you and miss you

Kenny, five years ago today you were taken from us, but we haven't forgotten how or why. Your life was cut short by one man who robbed us from having you in our lives. We pray one day his family will know the pain we feel.

We have faith in God that justice will one day prevail. The man who took you from us, will pay for what he has done. Hopefully a witness will come forward and do the right thing. The police will then be forced to arrest him instead of letting him run free. 

Until we see you again, we miss you. We love you, and we will forever hold you in our memories and our hearts.  

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Anonymous said...

Nothing will change in the polices eyes but God is the one that will set it straight, love you daddy and we will always have you in hearts