Barbara's Beat: Bring back your favorite GH character #GHFanFeb

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bring back your favorite GH character #GHFanFeb

 General Hospital Fan February

General Hospital is allowing fans to choose which character they want to bring back to the show. They are providing a choice of four characters. 

As part of #GHFanFeb, we get to make the decision by voting for one of four characters to return the show for a special guest appearance.

Which GH character should GH bring back? Cast your vote by clicking the vote button or sharing your choice through Facebook or Twitter between Feb. 2-13. 

Courtney Matthews (formerly Quartermaine, Morgan and Jacks) is the daughter of Mike Corbin and Janine Matthews, and the half sister of mobster, Sonny Corinthos. Courtney was portrayed by Alicia Leigh Willis. She's also the mother that died after giving birth to Nikolas' son, Spencer Cassadine.  

Stefan Cassadine apparently died after he was burned (and disfigured) and later stabbed in a knife fight with Luke Spencer. Luke was arrested for Stefan's murder but was released when Stefan's suicide note was found, where Stefan admitted that he had set Luke up for his staged "murder."

Mike Cobin is the father of Sonny Corinthos and the deceased Courtney Matthews. He checked in to rehab for gambling addiction in 2011. 

Serena Lee Baldwin was portrayed by Carly Schroeder. Serena's wealthy mother, Dominique Stanton Baldwin, was dying and wanted to leave a child for her husband Scott Baldwin. As a consequence, Serena was born via a surrogate mother, Lucy Coe. 

I'm so happy to hear the character chosen will be featured during the General Hospital Nurses Ball in May.I wonder why it's a choice of only these four, and why only a special appearance?  

Will you vote? Who will you vote for? 

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