Barbara's Beat: Amazon unveils 'Make an Offer' so you can negotiate lower prices on 150,000 items

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Amazon unveils 'Make an Offer' so you can negotiate lower prices on 150,000 items

New feature allows you to bargain for lower prices has announced the 'Make an Offer' experience that allows customers to negotiate even lower prices on thousands of items. Expanding on Amazon's traditional fixed price model, the new pricing feature allows customers to offer to buy items at even lower prices. 

If agreed upon, customers can then purchase the items at a savings from the listed price. For now, more than 150,000 items from sellers on Amazon are enabled with the 'Make an Offer' experience. Browse Sports Collectibles, Entertainment Collectibles, Collectible Coins, Fine Art, Historical and Political Memorabilia, and more items that are eligible for make an offer.

The new feature will expand to hundreds of thousands of items from sellers in 2015. Customers can browse 'Make an Offer' eligible items at The lowest priced item is presently about $77.

Here's how it works:  
Sellers enable the 'Make an Offer' feature for items to show customers they are willing to negotiate for a lower price than the price listed. When selecting 'Make an Offer' on an item's product detail page, a customer can enter and submit a new price of their choosing. 

The seller will receive the customer's lower price offer through email, at which point the seller can accept, reject or counter the offer. The seller and customer can continue to negotiate through email until the negotiation is complete. When a seller accepts a customer's offer, the customer is notified and can place the item into their shopping cart at the agreed upon new price for checkout and purchase. 

The 'Make an Offer' feature is not an auction format. All negotiations are one-on-one and private between individual customers and sellers. A seller is able to accept a customer's offer at any time. The intention is to lower prices, and a customer negotiating with a seller will never pay more than the listed price. 

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