Barbara's Beat: Three wins ManSocks from ManBrands.Club 12/14

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Three wins ManSocks from ManBrands.Club 12/14

ManSocks of ManBrands.Club Giveaway

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Co-Hosted by: is a premium brand of exclusive products for the sophisticated male. But, dressing for success does not mean spending your hard earned money on audacious logos to demonstrate your prosperity. That is why ManBrands.Club is bringing you the ManSock well below big brand prices.

Tre is LOVING his Fleur de Lis ManSocksLife in a House of Testosterone and friends are pleased to bring you another giveaway from our Christmas Giveaways selection! 

Three lucky winners will each receive one pair of ManSocks from ManBrands.Club of their choice!

About ManBrands.Club is in its initial beta phase at the moment. is an exclusive resource for men and men's fashion. 

It believes everyday men have to walk a fine line between being bold and differentiating themselves, yet maintaining a professional look. Socks are a great way to demonstrate creativity, sophistication, and charm - which is why ManBrands.Club introduced the ManSock as its first line of apparel. 

Kim, of Life in a House of Testosterone, originally purchased these with my husband in mind, but as soon as her youngest (and her male fashionista) got a look at them, he wanted them for himself! You can read Kim's review here.

Giveaway ends 12/14 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Good luck in the giveaway and Merry Christmas from Life in a House of Testosterone and friends! 

Please read the complete Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the giveaway entry form for details.

ManBrands.Club ManSocks Giveaway

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