Barbara's Beat: Win an Orkin Cozy Fleece Winter Blanket 11/18 #MouseInAHouse

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Win an Orkin Cozy Fleece Winter Blanket 11/18 #MouseInAHouse

Orkin's Mouse in a House

Fall has arrived, and cooler weather has come with it. Whether or not you know it, your warm house is an open invitation to unwanted guests looking for a cozy winter vacation: rodents. Each fall, rodents migrate from their outdoor “summer home” to the warmth, food and shelter of their “winter timeshare” – your house!

Being human has its perks, like having a cozy house to enjoy during the winter, but imagine having to survive as a mouse? Try your luck by playing “Mouse in a House” – a choose-your-own-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a rodent looking to survive the upcoming harsh winter season.

Using the app, put in your name, then try your best to stay alive and see how long you last. Comment below with your results and add it to the Rafflecopter - it's a giveaway entry.

Have you ever had a holiday rodent horror story?  Leave a blog comment and we'll see who has had the craziest adventure. Remember, claim the entry on the Rafflecopter to win.  

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Each household is only eligible to win Two Orkin 4'x6'  #MouseInAHouse Cozy Fleece Winter Blankets via blog reviews and giveaways. 

Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification

The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please. 

US only, must be 18+. Entries on Rafflecopter are the only way to win.  Good luck.

Disclosure: Orkin LLC supplied the above materials to facilitate our post. Barbara's Beat will receive the same item as the winner of this giveaway. 
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Lori Thomas said...

Fun lil app, I did survive as a rodent.

Kathleen Kelly said...

Hahaha No I can't say I have!! No rodent holiday story that is...

Linda Szymoniak said...

We've been lucky that we haven['t had mice in our house (although our detached garage is another story and they drive my dogs nuts). However, years ago when I went to visit a friend in Alabama over Christmas, we ended up staying at her parents' house for a couple of days and then went to the apartment she had for college. It was an old building and was more of a duplex since it was just single story. However, she had problems with mice and they had taken advantage of the few days she was away and we were finding droppings, nests, and even mice every time we opened a door or drawer. I was afraid to keep my suitcase in the house!

Linda Szymoniak said...

My rodent family lasted the whole winter in the game. Luckily we don't get mice in our house (five dogs and three cats may have something to do with that), but we get them in our garage.

debra dubois said...

NO I have not had a rodent holiday experience and sure hope I don't in the future, Thanks for the giveaway it very exciting.

laborders2000 said...

You may make a great mouse, but remember:
you’re a human. If you see a mouse in YOUR house,
call The Orkin Man right away.

J said...

I finally made it, but it took a few chances.

Marti Tabora said...

I made it, my rodent family lasted the whole winter.

Marti Tabora said...

I guess I'm really lucky because I don't have a rodent holiday story.

rochelle said...

I survived the winter

Rhonda Clemens said...

You had to eat your own tail, and even that didn’t last long.

rj7777 said...

I just lost a cat a few months ago. He was the hunter of 3 cats. This cat would bring in rats, birds, moles and much more. I would have to clean up body parts off the rug. I am not sure if he found them in the house or not. We left our home once and left the cat door open for the cats. When we got back the house was trashed. There was racoons everywhere!!! I could go on but I will stop now. We have squirrels too!!

rj7777 said...

I had a hard time making it for sure.

BlackAsphodel said...

I made it through winter.