Barbara's Beat: August Sales Tax Holiday repealed in NC

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August Sales Tax Holiday repealed in NC

With N.C. families having a hard time making ends meet already, the repeal of the August Sales Tax Free Holiday  was the last thing we needed. Shopping for school is very expensive. Not to mention as soon as our kids return to school they bring home a list of things they need, envelopes for picture money, and letters asking for donations for the classroom. Let's not forget about the lunch and breakfast accounts, too. 

Maybe we need to petition the NC to reinstate the tax-free holiday. Has anyone started a petition or know how many signatures would be needed?


Jayne T. said...

Wow. I always complained because ours covers so little here in Oklahoma but I need to be thankful we have that. I can imagine a lot of families are disappointed. Of all the measure to save money, it's a shame they came up with this one.

Do you have a high sales tax in NC? Ours is about 10% on everything including food.

Natalie B. said...

I don't live in South Carolina. I live in Florida and we had traditionally had this tax-free holiday for back to school shopping. For one year ONLY it was repealed and there was such an outrage from citizens and retailers that they brought it back. I truly hope that will happen for you too.