Barbara's Beat: Win a Dozer portable car seat rocker 5/29

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Win a Dozer portable car seat rocker 5/29

Dozer Sleep In Motion Giveaway

Some babies have to be driven around to fall asleep. I know any time we would take our daughter for a drive, she would go out like a light. We use to take her for a drive at night to get her to sleep so we could go to bed. 


Have you ever been out with your baby and find yourself bending over to rock the car seat? Or maybe use your foot to rock your baby to sleep while they're in their car seat? You can do this for a little while, but it gets old fast.

Moms and dads there is a new product that will change your life. It will help you and your baby.

1372159350Dozer is an innovative product created to convert any car seat into a self-rocking cradle anytime, anywhere. No more late night drives, no more unwanted arm or leg workouts. 

This simple to use wedge is battery-powered, and has a plug-in adapter which makes it super portable. The Dozer Rocker can be placed under the car seat in seconds, which is perfect, because as parents we all know that time is crucial. The noise and rocking will soothe your baby with no effort on your part.

BabyDashCo loves the Dozer Rocker. She and her family have made it their number one most innovative product on the market.
BabyDashCo said they have nothing but good things to say about the Dozer Rocker. It's compact which is great to throw in your purse or a diaper bag since it weighs less than one pound. Why not take it anywhere and everywhere? BabyDashCo tested it with her friend's baby and she begged her to let her keep it because she loved how great it worked. She went home extremely happy.

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wow! where was this invention when my kids were babies? but now i have 15 grandchildren so this would be great to have as i tire out more easily now, thanks so much for the chance to win this!