Barbara's Beat: So Happy It's Summer Blogger Opp 6/15

Sunday, May 4, 2014

So Happy It's Summer Blogger Opp 6/15

 So Happy It's Summer Giveaway

Prize: $500 in PayPal cash, hopefully

If you're a blogger and you are looking for a way to increase your followers , one way to do it is by joining a group giveaway like this one. You can put the announcement on your blog and get a free link on the giveaway, or you can pay and get more - it's your choice. But, it's a great way to get started.

After a grueling winter, it's time to celebrate the coming of summer! We need some great bloggers to join the fun and help promote this awesome giveaway!

Here are more details about the giveaway:  
What? The plan is to give away at least $500 in PayPal cash, but it really depends on how many people sign up. The Summer Giveaway will help to ring in the start of Summer. Hopefully, the weather will be perfect and the winners can enjoy their prizes in time for 4th of July!  

When? Sign-ups to participate go from now until June 15. Links start at $5, and it costs $20 to be a co-host. As a co-host, you will receive 5 links on the Rafflecopter, your photo on the giveaway collage, and your links at the top of the giveaway. 

You also have the opportunity to receive a free link to the giveaway by promoting this opportunity (details at the end). The giveaway itself will run June 21-July 1.  

Who? We are accepting any types of blogs/shops/websites to participate in this great giveaway.  

Why? It's a great way to engage your readers & followers, and gain some exposure for your blog/website and social media accounts. Plus it will be tons of fun!   Complete the form below to sign-up for the So Happy It's Summer Giveaway - help us ring in the summer the right way! 


Would You Like to Promote this Giveaway?

1. Grab the Blogger Opp HTML and post the announcement on your blog. Find the HTML here.
2. Promote the giveaway opportunity on your social media accounts on a regular basis until June 15.
3. Report the "blogger opp" post here. You will be able to submit one free link to be included in the Rafflecopter.

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