Barbara's Beat: Extraordinary uses for ordinary things:RD takes a new look at kitchen gadgets

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Extraordinary uses for ordinary things:
RD takes a new look at kitchen gadgets

Reader’s Digest compiles 14 new ways to use common kitchen gadgets to keep cooks on budget and save time 

Maximize everything in your kitchen. Whether it’s getting the most juice you can out of a lemon, or using a cheese grater to cut butter for pie crusts and biscuits, many everyday items in the kitchen are versatile and can be used in multiple ways for convenient cooking. Reader’s Digest compiles 14 new ways to use common kitchen gadgets. 

Some surprising multipurpose uses include:
  • Juice a lemon with a microwave. Zap a lemon for ten seconds to break down cells and make the juice flow faster. This is good to remember when trying to squeeze out as much juice as possible for a vinaigrette.
  • Shred butter for better baking. A cheese grater makes quick work of pie crusts and biscuits. Instead of cutting the butter into the flour, simply grate a stick of frozen butter, and then toss the shreds with flour until a crumbly mixture forms.
  • Make fluffy couscous in a baking dish. Add a thin layer of couscous to the bottom of a large baking dish, pour in boiling water, and leave the dish on the counter top covered for five minutes. The pasta won’t get weighed down like it does in a pot, so it will come out perfectly soft.
  • Bake omelets in a muffin tin. Coat the tin with cooking spray. Fill each cup with one beaten egg, top with desired ingredients and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. This is a great way to make personalized omelets for big groups, or a batch of re-heatable to-go breakfasts.
If you're counting then you know there's 10 more tips. You can find them in Reader's Digest.
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