Barbara's Beat: Win seven Guillow's model planes 5/9

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Win seven Guillow's model planes 5/9

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Guillow's has quality scale balsa model airplane kits, balsawood gliders, foam gliders, foam wind up Coptertoys, and many more flying toys that ensure hours of fun outdoors. Everything, we as children loved when there were no electronics.Now, you can introduce model planes to your kids.

Guillows eagle plane
Eagle Balsa Glider
Boys. They tend to be drawn to building things, especially if they fly! Guillow's makes a variety of buildable model planes to keep young kids and grown men occupied. BabyDashCo loved her last review so much but found it difficult for to build that particular model because she lacked building model airplane skills. 

This time she's bringing you some of the Guillow's model planes that she loves and enjoyed helping her kids build. Mainly because it was much easier for her to build and not time consuming. The first set are the planes made of balsa wood. These gliders need no glue and took under five minutes to build. These are recommended for children ages 8 and older.

Guillows Sky Streak plane
Sky Steak

Eagle Balsa Glider
New "air-superiority" flyer. Has a printed wing, tail surfaces and canopy. Made of balsa wood and has a 9-inch wing span. This plane will be built and enjoyed in no time! She loved this plane because it's really easy to put together. Glue is not needed for this plane! Just stick the pieces in the slots! There are five total pieces which makes this fun and fast to build so you can get to the fun part. Flying it!

Sky Streak

Guillows Jetfire plane
Jetfire Glider
A long time best selling motorplane, this airplane has a one piece wing with a built-in dihedral. The propeller and nose bearing made of hi-impact plastic. Made of balsa wood, it has a wing span of 12 inches. This plane is super easy to build! This one is her daughter, Lauren's favorite because it has the wind up propeller on the front. This plane has a total of six pieces, making this plane fun and simple to build for small children.

 Jetfire Glider
Guillows Jetstream plane
Jet Stream
This is one of Guillow's most popular gliders in a compact low count display that's great for limited space areas! A high performance flyer with the style of a jet fighter. This kit has five pieces to place into the pre-cut slots.

 Jet Stream
A 13 1/4" wing span motorplane that flies hand launches or right off the ground. Formed wire landing gear, plastic propeller and nose bearing. Ideal contest flyer. This one is Ethans favorite! He had a great time building this and more so flying it! it comes with 8 pieces and it took Ethan about 6 minutes to build.

Guillows Strike Raider Plane
Sky Raider
Now on to the foam gliders. These are just as easy to build as the balsa wood but not as fragile, which makes it nice for my five year old to build on his own without help from me.

Sky Raider
This is their best selling foam glider. With a large 24" wing span this plane can be thrown by a strong baseball arm for large looping flights or gently tossed for a long floating glide. Super easy to build. My 9 year old was able to easily build on his own with no help. Another one of his favorites!

Space Shuttle

 Space Shuttle
 Their high performance Space Shuttle glider can be catapult launched with the enclosed large elastic and launch handle. Has a 10 inch wing span. Realistic shuttle decals are included which makes it fun to decorate! Lauren and Caden built this together on their own. They were able to problem solve together which was nice to see. Took them awhile to buld but they managed to do it.

 Delta Dart
Guillows 1
Delta Dart
The original one piece foam glider molded of EPS foam plastic. Light weight and impervious to moisture, it holds its aerodynamic shape even after hours of flying fun. The smallest of all the foam gliders the wing span is 4 inches. But don't let it's small size fool you! It flies great!

We love Guillows planes and I know you will too! That's why one lucky winner will receive all seven planes we reviewed.

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