Barbara's Beat: Win three Guillow's model airplane kits 3/22

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Win three Guillow's model airplane kits 3/22

Guillow's Model Airplane Giveaway

  I remember as a kid buying airplanes, and we carried on the tradition for our kids. Back then there were no electronics to keep kids indoors. Playing outside is where the action was.   

For generations, American kids would save their nickels to buy a Guillow's model airplane kit. As their imaginations soared, so did the years, but the little airplane that could, did, going on 88 years! Today, Guillow's is beloved by Grandpas as well as kids who may be technically savvy, but still enjoy the simple beauty of building, then flying a balsa wood toy plane. 

There are six new mini Models in the 4500 series, and for this iGeneration, building help is now available as a bonus online in 3D models that you can spring, turn and control with your mouse, plus how-to-assemble video on YouTube.

The 4500 Series starts with the U.S. Hellcat or U.S. Warhawk each with red propellers.

4502plane 4503plane

The handsome German Fighter has distinctive black markings on its wingtips while the American war models sport patriotic blue.


The non-military Rockstar Jet, V-Tail and Stunt Flyer round out the six miniModels.

4505plane 4504plane 4506plane

At an affordable price of $8.99 is the cherry on top of this wonderful classic toy sundae. These are designed for a child 13 years old and up to assemble themselves, or a little younger child with an adult’s help. My dad happened to be at our house when our plane arrived and wanted to build this with my oldest son whom is 9. It was a great bonding experience for them! I absolutely love wooden toys, especially buildable ones as such.

Review by babydashco:

Here is Caden holding the almost finished plane.
I was so excited to build this with Ethan, my 9 year old. But instead I allowed my dad to build it with him. My dad is a litttle more handy when it comes to building models. 

I also had one to build myself, unfortunately I couldn't do it for the life of me. The pieces are really small and fragile which can be a problem if you have strong hands. I broke a couple just trying to get it out of the pre-cut stencil and I was careful. I really had a hard time building this according to the paper instructions which are very confusing. 

But you can go online to their web site and watch a tutorial on how to build it which really helps. These balsa airplanes are awesome, but you really have to have patience and a light hand to build one. Once it's built it's super fun.


Want to win three planes of choice as listed above?

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Starts 3/8 to 3/22

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