Barbara's Beat: Big businesses affects our emotions with logos

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Big businesses affects our emotions with logos

Do you ever wonder about the power of your logo as a blogger? After reading how big business does it, maybe you'll make a change.
In the infographic below, we learn that logos carry sublime color meanings. Do you ever wonder why some logos are bright yellow and some red? Why luxury brands are usually black, white, or brown, while corporate logos are blue? We know it’s not set in stone, but colors can evoke a specific emotional response from us. Red means active, yellow is energetic, blue is reliable, green is nature, etc. In fact, it doesn’t stop at the obvious; researchers at the University of Rochester in New York believe red can actually “keep us from performing our best on tests.” 

Logos also create value. Interbrand’s 14th Best Global Brand reported there’s a new number one brand in the world last year: Apple. Coke was defeated for the first time after thirteen consecutive years of dominating the prestigious list. 

Many companies will stop at nothing to create the perfect logo. Even to the tune of millions of dollars as part of their branding. The new Pepsi logo cost a million dollars. On the other end, some popular logos like Twitter and Google cost almost next to nothing.

It’s an interesting world of logos we have here. Far from puny, arbitrary doodles, they are calculated, big business strategy with one thing in mind: that you remember them in your sleep.

Review of Famous Company Logos: How The Big Business Uses The Emotional Power of Logos

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