Barbara's Beat: Free big pet giveaway blogger opp 2/5

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Free big pet giveaway blogger opp 2/5

jak Hosted by: All About My Deals

Requirements: Agree to actively promote three times weekly on your social media sites.

Date: 2/7 to 2/28

Looking for Bloggers to help actively promote this Big Pet’s Giveaway.
Free Link Choice with announcement: Twitter or Pinterest

Get announcement here 

Paid Link choices and costs:
$2 ea. FB, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube Subscribe
$3 each for everything else.

Sign up HERE

Sign ups ends: 2/5

Multiple winners: At least six 

Some prizes (list still growing) include:
ThunderShirt ($39.95)
Air purifier ($99)
Dog bed/carrier ($115)
Two bags of Dog Treats  ($25.98)
Dog scratcher ($14.99)
Dog Boots and suspenders ($34.32)

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