Barbara's Beat: Thanks for the prayers, they werevery comforting in our time of need

Monday, January 6, 2014

Thanks for the prayers, they were
very comforting in our time of need

It seems every year in December, something bad happens to us. In 2012, my site was attacked by Malware. A couple of Decembers, I had to have surgery. 

When life attacks me, I have my better half to take care of me. He has since been my rock. 
My husband has always been a picture of health. My hero. So when he suddenly has to be hospitalized and undergo two operations, my world comes to a stop. Nothing else matters. 

Women do not let your men ignore pain. It could be something serious. Something life-threatening.

We had a prolonged vacation at the hospital. But, now we have returned home. Things are by no means normal, yet, but due to the many prayers of our wonderful family, friends, and readers, my husband is much improved. 

We both thank you all very much. A special thanks to our daughter and her family for all their help, and our son and daughter-in-law for the flowers. We look forward to next week when things should be back to normal, we hope.


Pamele Marks said...

As we say in our family when it rains it pours. Praying for your family for a speedy recovery for your son, also sending Hugs your way. My husband is also my rock, and last year when he fell on the ice at work our whole world changed. Just shy of a year later he is still considered 50% disabled and they are saying this might be the best it ever gets for him which is a big hit to our lives.

Laura Lanza said...

Still sending prayers - I hope everything is ok!!