Barbara's Beat: Win a $30 pack of hand sanitizer 12/7

Friday, November 22, 2013

Win a $30 pack of hand sanitizer 12/7

 Mother's Therapy Hand Sanitizer

mothersWe all worry about our kids. From the time they're born, we want to protect them. 
As a mom of three kids BabyDashCo wants to use products that are safe and gentle to her kids skin.

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Mother's Therapy Organics is where she turns to for skincare, becasue they pledge to use safe, natural and organic ingredients in all their cleansing products.


Because of it’s 99.9% germ-kill ratio and just as importantly for kids, it’s quick-dry properties, we have chosen natural alcohol as the active ingredient in our Kids Hand Sanitizer. Contrary to popular belief, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can leave skin softer than before use!

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Mother’s Therapy Organics uses the purest organic and natural ingredients. As the natural alcohol evaporates, it leaves behind our skin-softening aloe vera-based lotion which becomes infused into the skin so no extra rubbing is required. The end result? A non-greasy hand sanitizer that can be used as often as needed without the worry of damage to sensitive skin.


A small dab of Mother’s Therapy Organics™ Germ-fight’n Hand Lotion prior-to and after a diaper change keeps baby — and yourself — healthy and clean.Natural citrus essential oils and extracts power through germs naturally while soothing aloe vera encourages multiple daily use.The alcohol-free clean smell and non-greasy formula is water-based and not thick like some lotions that stick to the top of skin.


A baby’s newborn skin is especially susceptible to absorption. It’s therefore essential that what you place on your baby’s skin will not damage the cells which are just building!Mother’s Therapy Organics Baby Lotion is the natural alternative to rubs or creams that often do skin more harm than good. The non-greasy lotion maintains the delicate balance found in babies skin while offering a relaxing sensation that soothes sensitive areas.

BabyDashCo really likes how great these work for sensitive skin. She has really dry skin and has to be careful what she uses. Though she's not too keen on the smell, but that's her personal preference.

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