Barbara's Beat: Cook up a win with a camp kitchen 9/30

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cook up a win with a camp kitchen 9/30

ARV $387

Do you like to go camping? But, when it comes to packing for the camping trip you would rather stay home. Maybe you need the Grub Hub Camp Kitchen to make your life easier and the trip more fun.
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"The Grub Hub® stores and transports all camp kitchen gear then sets up in three minutes to provide tables, stove support, lantern support  and organization needed for a complete campsite." 

Because there are tons of compartments and racks, you have room to store everything you need for your camping trip. There are even built-in features which make the cleanup just as easy!  

"All components are engineered for extended outdoor use in all weather conditions."

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on Sept. 30.

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DianaLWard said...

One of our favorite family activities is to go to Roaring River State Park, in nearby Cassville, Missouri in the beautiful Ozarks, where there is a trout hatchery and a fantastic trout stream, as well as hiking trails and campgrounds. That would be the first place we'd use this camp kitchen, I'm sure.

But it would also be great to have on hand for our ever so often winter ice storms that shut off the power and close the roads for days.

Samantha D. said...

I would use this camping with my boyfriend. We usually rely on friends to bring the camp kitchen supplies. But it would be nice to have our own so we could go out by ourselves and feel comfortable making meals with conjunction with a fire pit or even without one.

Anonymous said...

I would love to use this when we go camping in the summer and fall!

Desiree Dunbar

/\Heather/\ said...

Zombie apocalypse. That's what I'll use it for!

tweetyscute said...

I would love to use this on our annual trip to Coachella