Barbara's Beat: Cast revealed for DWTS is disappointing

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cast revealed for DWTS is disappointing

DWTS photo of 2013 stars
I'm very disappointed in the celebrities chosen for Dancing With The Stars Season 17. I don't foresee watching the show, because I don't see anyone I'm excited about.I know there's no one I would vote for.

On Monday, Sept. 16, at 8 pm, the stars will be hitting the dance floor with their partners for a two hour premier. One person not on the lineup is Maksim Chmerkovskiy. There are a couple of new DWTS dancers. 

Check out the whole story about who's dancing this season. Are you excited about the cast? Are you planning to watch?



Kim Whitehead said...

I think the show is pandering to a new audience with this selection of celebs. This is the first thing I've read about DWTS - ever - because I don't care to watch the show. My mother does, and she calls all her sisters and they gossip and I am incredibly uninterested. But I am 22 and with the exception of Valerie Harper, this entire list appeals to me, and I'm shocked and excited. DWTS did their research about the audience they're trying to appeal to. I have a feeling they're also planning on maintaining their former audience members based on the strong relationships viewers have built with the dancing instructors over, what, 16 seasons?

I'm not saying I'm going to watch it, but I'm saying I'm more likely to watch it this season than I've ever been before, and probably just as likely to watch it as my mother is. And in that case, ABC did its job.

evanoff said...

Wow, I really like this least I know who most of them are, usually I don't!

Mona said...

I didn't watch the most recent season and it's unlikely I'll watch the upcoming one. Like yourself, none of the cast appeals to me. No Maks?! He's my favorite.

The only positive for the upcoming season is that they are combining the performance and result telecasts so the show doesn't take 2 nights and there's no suspense about the elimination.

On another note, I may watch American Idol b/c I enjoyed Harry Connick Jr's mentoring sessions and he's supposed to be a judge along with JLo & Keith Urban.

HC Montgomery said...

Totally agree with you. Not a single psuedo-celebrity I want to see. I'll be giving DWTS a big pass this season. Too bad that was one of only two primetime programs I watch (if anyone in the cast struck my interest.) My TV viewing has just been lopped in half.

Teressa Morris said...

I am very excited. This is the first season that I recognize all the celebrities but one. The only name I didn't know was the football player. Can't wait!!

Sam Stamp said...

I don't usually watch DWTS as I don't have cable & don't get this channel but I will try to catch this season! I'm very excited about the cast: Amber Riley, Nicole Polizzi, Bill Nye and the guy in the back on the right who's name I don't know but like should all make it an interesting season!