Barbara's Beat: Predators hack baby monitor video feeds

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Predators hack baby monitor video feeds

Please take precautions with your baby monitors. Hackers can gain control of them and watch your kids. Talk to your kids. Spy on your family. And, God only knows what else.

It's no wonder our kids end up on the Internet, or worse - kidnapped. I'm not sure if the monitors can be held accountable because there's so many variables.

It's a shame we can't even monitor our children without hackers gaining access to them in the privacy of their bedroom. This is so scary and makes me mad.

Precautions for our most precious gifts can't be taken lightly. Read and follow all recommendations, and update old equipment to keep up with the hackers. 

No one will protect our children better than we can. We just need the knowledge of the hackers.

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