Barbara's Beat: Paula Deen to shoot Trayvon Martin in NBC's 'Law and Order SVU' episode in October

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paula Deen to shoot Trayvon Martin in NBC's 'Law and Order SVU' episode in October

Paula Deen

I can't believe after Paula Deen has finally been cleared of all the false charges caused by a person with ill-intent, she now has to face a TV show out for ratings at her expense. When I heard NBC's 'Law and Order SVU' plans to air an episode where Paula shoots an unarmed Trayvon Martin, I am furious. Why would they combine the two stories?

Let the show rip controversial headlines for it's shows. Let them do a show about each topic. But, when they dare to change a racial slur from 30 years ago into Paula taking a young man's life - it's plain wrong

How can this country have a real conversation about race when NBC does something stupid like this to fuel the fire. NBC could have done a role reversal for it's show about Trayvon. It could have had a Hispanic girl in a hoodie shot and killed by an African American man.

This isn't fair to Paula. She's been cleared of all charges against her. She has had her character defamed enough. If you wanted to rip her headlines for a show it sure didn't include murder. 

Personally, I will never watch the Law and Order series again. And as for Cybill Shepard, who will portray the southern chef on the show, she is now on my don't watch list as well. 

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Some Lucky Dog said...

This is disgusting. I stopped watching NBC and MSNBC a long time ago.

Linda Petteys said...

totally agree with you! thank you