Barbara's Beat: DWTS has new format, to announce new cast Sept. 4; Paula Deen rejects offer to dance

Thursday, August 8, 2013

DWTS has new format, to announce new cast Sept. 4; Paula Deen rejects offer to dance

Paula Deen turned down an offer to compete during Season 17 of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.                       Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images 

It's almost that time again. Who will rock the dance floor?

This season’s cast of Dancing with the Stars will be revealed live on, Wed., Sept. 4, exclusively on ABC's Good Morning America (7-9 a.m., ET). There will be a new cast of 12 stars.

Paula Deen sources told Us Weekly, on stands Friday, she won't be on the show. Dancing With the Stars co-host Tom Bergeron, said he would love for her to reconsider.

"We've seen career resurgences after the show," according to Us. "People go, 'I remember why I love that person!'"

Season 17 of Dancing With the Stars returns to ABC on Mon., Sept. 16, at 8 p.m. EST. However, there's a big change from past seasons; there will be no results show on Tuesday nights. The show will be a one night, two-hour format with a couple being eliminated at the end of each episode by combining the judges’ scores of that night with the public votes from the previous week.

As a Supporter of Paula Deen, I back whatever she decides to do, but I would love to see her on the dance floor getting all those votes. It would show The Food Network and all the other businesses that dropped her without a fair trial, that she is loved for who she is now. I left a comment on the DWTS site saying I wanted her on the show.

Do you hope Paula will change her mind and be on DWTS? Who do you hope will be on the show?

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1 comment :

Jennifer said...

I can't wait for the new season! I do think that it is too soon for Paula to join the cast, maybe in a couple years that would be a good option. I would love to see Pauly Shore compete. I bet that would be awkward!