Barbara's Beat: 11-year-old inventor wins award, printer

Monday, August 26, 2013

11-year-old inventor wins award, printer

Singing Old Spice Deodorant.

Quinn Sheeran, 11, of New Jersey, is like any other boy, curious, so he takes things apart and puts them back together. The only difference is what Quinn put back together is a great idea that has earned him more than 15 minutes of fame. 


Quinn explains how he took apart an old signing card and added it to his deodorant to invent his cool new invention - singing Old Spice. Every time the cap is removed the deodorant begins playing music.

Don't you know how many people are saying why didn't I think of that? I wonder how many are rushing to try to make products that play music as we speak?

 Old Spice said on it's Facebook Page
"Quinn, we’d like to be the first to congratulate you on winning the coveted 2013 Quinn for the Winn Achievement in Having Music Play While You Apply Old Spice Deodorant Award, which is a very prestigious honor that we just made up right this minute. 

"We’d also like to send you a big, fancy 3-D printer, so you can keep making things that make the world a better place. Have your parents get in touch with us, and congratulations on being the most important inventor of all time."     

I'm glad Quinn got recognition and I pray he makes big money some day with inventions. 

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Michelle Waller said...

That is so neat! He is going to go far in his life! Congrats Quinn!