Barbara's Beat: Win a new Bendastix The Big Box 8/3

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Win a new Bendastix The Big Box 8/3

bendastix 9

Creative minds can yield wonderful surprises. Especially when you let a child's imagination take them to new heights. 

There is nothing more fun than watching your child get creative, but some toys are to restrictive. Fibre Craft has created a new craft for kids called Bendastix. It's great for hours of fun building and it's not limited to girls. Boys can build cars, monsters and whatever their minds can dream up. Girls can make bracelets, headbands, glasses and even decorate their personal items.

bendastix 10

Babydashco and her family got to play with Bendastix. Although, when she opened the box expecting a big pile of goodies, she as surprised to see the contents were small compared to the size of the box. 
She said she doesn't like waste.

bendastix 8

 "The box should fit the product inside. Not only will the cost of packaging be less for the company, but less on the landfill. As you see below very minimal product for such a big box."

Bendastix 7

As they continued to open the product they found many colorful Bendastix. She said you can really create a lot with what you're given.

Bendastix 6

Her daughter, Lauren, started out by reading the directions. They are really simple to follow which is great for people who hate to read them.

Bendastix 5

Then she made her first bracelet with no problems. Look how easy it looks.

Bendastix 4

The results are fabulous. Very colorful and very personal. Most of all it's very creative. 

Bendastix 3

Here sunglasses were made using two different types of Bendastix. I think she's very proud o her work.

Bendastix 2

Sometimes, simpler is better. These glasses are very cute, too. 

Bendastix 1

And this is their favorite, the monster. The lady monster. She rocks.


 Here you see a flower and another monster. Maybe he's a friend so the girl doesn't get lonely.


They went out of town and babydashco decided to take the Bendastix with them soher girls could play with them in the hotel. Since they are girly girls they decided to make fashion jewelry to wear  around Disneyland. They also wore it swimming and it held up nicely.

bendastix 1
She can't believe how fun and easy it was to make creations with the Bendastix. She really loves that they never break so you can use them over and over, which she knows Lauren will do. The designs and bright colors make it really fun to create fashionable accessories or scary monsters.

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