Barbara's Beat: Win a $30 Ring Bling game 6/24

Monday, June 10, 2013

Win a $30 Ring Bling game 6/24

 With the end of school comes, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do." So maybe it's a good time to prepare for those rainy days when the kids are stuck inside. Maybe you don't want a TV or a video game sitter. Try this giveaway, a game called Ring Bling, for one to four players, and ages 5 and up.

Playing a game has never been so fashionable! Reward your children for following directions with Ring Bling. Students choose a card and act out the hilarious directions. Then they spin the spinner to earn one or two rings for their Happy Hand or give a ring to a friend. The student who earns the most rings wins the game. Ring Bling is ideal for teaching your children to listen and think creatively while pretending.

Your game has 50 Following Directions Cards in three categories:

Basic Directions – Beat your chest like an angry gorilla.
Conditional – If you like brownies, bark like a dog.
Temporal – After you wave your magic wand, turn yourself into a monkey.

Ring Bling is the perfect motivator for articulation, language, reading, or math activities in the classroom, during therapy sessions, or at home. My kids love playing this game, especially my daughter. She heard the word bling and she was all over it! No Joke. Ring Bling is very fun for the kids and very entertaining for adults. 

This is a game that get your child's creative thoughts going. This summer I won't have to worry about my kids loosing information with all the learning games Super Duper Publication offers and they will start the new school year off ready to learn!

I have put together a video showing you how the game works. Enjoy!

You can purchase this game for 29.95 Here, or you can try to win this game by entering below!

Starts June 10-24. U.S and Canada only.

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