Barbara's Beat: Father's Day and our #SuperSoakerParty

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day and our #SuperSoakerParty

Kristen takes aim and fires with her Super Soaker at our Nerf Block Party.
When men and kids get to play with NERF SUPER SOAKERS, they forget about the rest of the world around them. They're all trying to figure out how to stay dry, and how to soak everyone else. 

Thanks to House Party, we were chosen to hold a NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party for Father's Day. We received two party packs to host the party. 

Preparations for our NERF Super Soaker Block Party for Father's Day.
 In the first pack we got:
15 coupons $5 off NERF SUPER SOAKER Blasters $9.99 or more
50 coupons for Simply CHEETOS for Simply CHEETOS White Cheddar Puffed Corn

In the second pack we got:
12 bags of CHEETOS White Cheddar Puffed Corn

We are ready to have a Super Soaker Party.
Since we didn't receive very many guns in the party pack, we went shopping and purchased several more. We also bought some extra water vessels for the youngest. 

Our grandson spent a lot of time on grill duty. And, there was no complaints. We had so much food; potato salad, baked macaroni, baked beans, Coleslaw, chips, deviled eggs, CHEETOS White Cheddar Puffed Corn (which are so good), and homemade ice cream. It was delicious. 

Kristen takes her grandpa for a ride on the four wheeler.

After eating, the crowd went four wheeling. Our granddaughter, Kristen, drives her grandfather when she's not riding her own four wheeler. 

Kristen has no mercy on her victims in a Super Soaker fight.

They had a busy, fun day. I think they enjoyed it.

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Ashley Miller said...

Looks like they all had tons of fun! I am ready for summer with my family! Thanks for sharing!