Parents and therapists have been turning to Super Duper for on-the-go lessons anytime for language arts, special needs or to monitor progress. However, with their mobile apps, Super Duper has created something that transformed from “useful” to “some of the most powerful educational apps for teaching reading and supporting differentiation for students with disabilities,” says Scholastic Instructor magazine; who recently named its 50 Fab Apps for Teachers. Included in that list was Super Duper Publications, not once, but three times!

• In the category of Language Arts, Super Duper StoryMaker makes the list of just 7 recommended apps for mobile devices.

• Erasing the need to carry sets of articulation cards or language worksheets from classroom to classroom is Super Duper's WH Question Cards Pro in the Special Needs category.

These two apps, StoryMaker and WH Question Cards Pro, also won the Spring 2013 Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center this week.

• Of the 4 Classroom Management Apps, Super Duper's Data Tracker makes the "fab" list. Which allows you to monitor students’ progress through a subject area with the tap of a finger.