Barbara's Beat: Win an $89.99 Gotz doll for your little girl 5/18

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Win an $89.99 Gotz doll for your little girl 5/18

Every little, and big girl, loves dolls. I know I still play dolls with my granddaughter and we have so much fun together. She would love this Gotz doll. Her hair is long and blond like Kristen's hair. She even likes the color pink like my granddaughter.

This is the 2013 Jessica Gotz Doll. She's an 18-inch, stand-alone doll, with beautiful long blond hair and a  pink floral and hearts outfit. All her garments are finished with button holes, pockets, and has embroidery, not sewn on applications. 

Gotz dolls have sculptured faces and expressions. They use high-quality eyes that are either inserted by hand or painted. Their lashes are specially produced to enhance the natural look of Gotz dolls. 

Gotz dolls have natural-looking hair. Their hair is still made in Germany. It's rooted into the scalp and is easy to care for. Girls can wash, style with curling iron and blow dryer on low setting, and brush just like theirr very own hair.

The latest trends in color and fashion are used in creating fresh clothing styles for Gotz dolls. The clothes contain as many details as real children's clothing and the Gotz outfits are washable and ironable.
Gotz has both complete vinyl bodies and soft fabric bodies, which are filled with wool and fine granulates. Their standing dolls are built with movable arms and legs. If your doll gets dirty, simply place your doll in a pillow case and put her the washer on a cold, delicate cycle, then lay her flat on her belly to dry.

Blogger BabyDashco got one for her daughter, Lauren, who loves her Gotz doll. Her favorite thing about her is that you can wash and style her hair. She can't do that with any of her other dolls. Jessica is made really well and I can see it being passed down from generation to generation.

Here's a video of Lauren washing her dolls hair

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