Barbara's Beat: Top military discount friendly states to shop

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top military discount friendly states to shop

2013 Most Discount Friendly States 

For Military Personnel And Veterans

As Memorial Day nears, MVDC has published its the top states for military discounts and veterans discounts for 2013. this year, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas and Indiana top the list. As more states engage in promoting veteran discounts, it's expected that the rankings will change.

MVDC rankings comprise both state specific discounts and benefits, and civilian store discounts per thousand military and veteran residents. Click here for a detailed look at the methodology used.
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3. How did your state score? Find out here.

The Military and Veterans Discount Center (MVDC) asked us to pass on this information and graphic for your benefit.


Maria Iemma said...

I think our military men and women and their families deserve big savings from all the states/stores they put their lives on the line for us every day and deserve all our respect and more. Thank you for posting the information.

teemoney said...

we couldn't agree more!