Barbara's Beat: Know your legal rights at the ballpark

Friday, April 5, 2013

Know your legal rights at the ballpark

From Hickory Crawdads

Our grandkids have started playing baseball. And tonight, we had our season opener for the Hickory Crawdads at L.P. Frans Stadium. 

Yes, it's time for America's favorite pastime. Baseball season is in full swing, and families are heading out for a game with some hotdogs and popcorn. But before you go to the ballpark you should know your legal rights., the largest legal website for consumers, has some important tips for families at the ballpark.


·   Potty Mouths: Unfortunately a lot of fans at stadiums do not use the most appropriate language. While it is not illegal to use “curse words” a stadium owner is required to make the stadium safe for attendees. If your family is being subjected to this language contact security –they have the right to eject that patron.

· Getting Physical: If your family finds yourself is in the vicinity of a physical fight, the first step is to find a security guard and have the culprits ejected. If you are injured, get the names of witnesses and take pictures of the scene. If you are attacked you can press criminal charges against the attacker, or even sue the stadium owner and security company.

· They Booze, You Lose: Alcohol impairs judgment and makes bad situations worse – it is often a factor in stadium fights. As a result, many stadiums have taken steps to curb consumption. In addition to limiting the amount of beer that can be purchased, some stadiums even restrict time in the parking lot before the game to avoid tailgating. If you would like to avoid these “sloppy spectators” all together most stadiums do offer family sections which are alcohol free.

· Foul Play: By entering the stadium, you’re assuming risk of getting hit by a wayward ball or bat. Keep your children alert during the game, if they are injured, don’t assume you can sue the stadium or the team.

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