Barbara's Beat: God be with West, Texas officials and families

Thursday, April 18, 2013

God be with West, Texas officials and families

God Is Watching Over You

With the massive fertilizer plant explosion near Waco, Texas, prayers are needed by everyone to help all the officials: the mayor, firefighters, first responders, police officers, deputies, rescue personnel, dispatchers, EMS, and volunteers on the scene trying to help each other and all the residents who are endangered.

God, please help keep bad weather, which is due to hit the area soon and hinder search and rescue efforts, at bay, so people can continue to be helped. We pray God provides West, Texas, and the surrounding area whatever they need in their rescue efforts.

There are so many of God's children who are in need. We pray for the injured, the dead, the missing and all the families of those people.


Maria Iemma said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the Texas people. I cannot imagine the devastation that such an explosion has caused. Stay strong and let your faith help you through this journey.

Cami Valenzuela said...

so sad what happended!! you know your one of the few bloggers that mentioned it. everyone worried about boston but it seems they fell in the shadow and i am sad it is like that cause they need just as much if more help. some people don't have job, homes, and worse lost famil memebers. they are truely in my prayers (as well as boston those involved directly and indirectly)