Barbara's Beat: Four giveaways, 21 prizes, 21 winners 5/4
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Four giveaways, 21 prizes, 21 winners 5/4

In order to celebrate this important milestone, we are having a huge giveaway with 21 prizes. That means 21 winners! 

 photo ade224b4-b970-42a0-ac70-3c3b01b3bd7b_zps117d88f4.jpg

Do you feel lucky? There are lots of chances to win lots of prizes with four separate giveaways. You don't want to miss out on this one. 

There are four separate giveaways to this event
Home Sweet Home
Pamper Me
Glorious Food
For the Kiddos

Pick your favorite or enter them all! Either way there will be 21 winners!

The Follow Pages repeat in each giveaway, so follow all of one page and use those sames entries in the other giveaways! This means that each of those entries count four times, should you choose to enter them all!

 photo 5866cde5-30f8-4f97-8138-2749f3e3dd27_zpsf285c1b3.jpg photo 916df52c-187c-40f4-b739-fa0c5508846d_zpsd223f1b7.jpg photo 3d08b23a-5312-4bab-9d74-321a78bd4dcd_zps43e726ea.jpg photo 4087c58f-36f5-4e28-8072-c3b7518fb86a_zps8ef45cfe.jpg

Special thanks to
Rude Mom Blog, Food N Service, Mom at 40, Consignor City, Simply Southern Couponers, Swank Savings, Tiny Tidbits of an NC Diva, Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure, and The Nurse Mommy Blog.

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