Barbara's Beat: HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail of Easter memories

Monday, March 11, 2013

HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail of Easter memories

Hershey's Easter Basket includes some new candy available this holiday.

We were invited to create our very own custom Easter basket and help build the HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail by sharing our Easter-themed tips and memories.

Since our granddaughter's favorite color is pink, we decided to go with a pink basket and grass. Picking five HERSHEY’S candy was a little harder. In the end we decided to go with three new items: JOLLY RANCHER Wild Berry Jelly Beans, CADBURY Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny, and YORK Peppermint Pattie Eggs. We also picked the REESE'S Mini REESTER BUNNIES and HERSHEY'S Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs.

When my kids were little their Easter tradition was different from how our grandkids celebrate it. My grandkids awake to find a basket from The Easter Bunny. We always let our kids pick their own empty baskets and grass. Then before bedtime, they hid their baskets someplace special in the living room. The next morning they awoke to find their basket where they put it, only it was now full of candy and toys.

They would also find a new set of clothes and shoes to wear for Easter laying on the sofa. We have always included plastic eggs in the baskets for hiding. Some are filled with money.

A fun tip would be for older kids to do a night hunt with glow-in-the dark eggs. If you can't find them at the store, use paint or stickers or glow sticks to make your own.

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Darlene Ysaguirre said...

I remember the older we got we would go looking for Easter eggs full of money of all different amounts and their would always be one with 100 dollars in it.