Barbara's Beat: Win a $250 Cellular Windows GC 3/8

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Win a $250 Cellular Windows GC 3/8

Hosted by: A Lucky Ladybug

Saving money is very important these days. And one way to save money is to save energy. It costs about $1,300 to heat an average American home, but a lot of that goes out the window. Shades that can keep homes at a constant temperature for longer periods of time help save a lot of green, and energy.

Symphony Cellular Shades insulate three ways:
  1. Fight Convection: Seals gaps that may exist between the window and window frame, blocking the natural airflow and keeping warmer air inside during winter and outside during summer.

  2. Fight Conduction:  Energy Smart Cellular Shades create an effective barrier between the glass window and your room, preventing heat transfer with the non-woven polyester fabric and double-honeycomb cell structure.

  3. Fight Radiation: Symphony and BlackOut Cellular Shades trap heat between the window and the closed shade, making your room more comfortable. 

Cellular Window Shades handcraft every window shade they sell. They even have the signature of the person who built the product on each one. What's even better is that you can directly speak to this individual if you ever have a question regarding the specific shade. Each insulating cellular shade is built in the USA, in it's Vermont factory.

"Our insulating Symphony cellular shades are so energy efficient that they pay for themselves in less than three years in Vermont in a house without air conditioning. Add air conditioning costs and they pay for themselves in less than 2 years."

They are so confident in the quality they have to offer and their prices, they "have a 110% price match guarantee!"

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c.l. caudle said...

I like the Symphony Double Cellular Light Filtering Fabric it looks like it would give the coverage I am looking for

c.l. caudle said...

when I try to go to Lucky lady bug to comment I get 500 Internal Server Error

Barbara Platt said...

I didn't find a problem with the link to Lucky Lady Bug

benz1171 said...

Symphony Double Cellular Light Filtering Fabric.

Zabrina Caldwell said...

These would be great for my drafty farm house. Our kitchen has 3 windows in the shape of a half hexagon over looking the yard, and no matter what there is such a terrible cold draft and the dishwasher in the cabinet below them freezes, I wonder if these would help. I would try out the Cordless Symphony Shades for those 3 windows!

Julie Lynn Bickham said...

I like the Duofold Top Down/Bottom Up Symphony Shades.

Amanda Greene-Lebeck said...

I really like the Symphony Double Cellular Black Out Fabric shades. Its funny too because we are moving in 20 days to our new home that we recently purchased and we need new window treatments throughout so this would help out tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Barbara and readers of "Barbara's Beat"!

We're very proud of the shade products (Made in the USA) we make. Visit our website or blog for more information on our Cellular Window Shades.

To comment specifically to Zabrina: my office window is double-paned, but it leaks cold air so much that in the middle of winter it can feel like the window is open! On the coldest days I keep my double cell, light filtering shade DOWN. That's the only way to combat the cold. It works!

To Julie: The Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shade is TERRIFIC for that added sense of privacy: you can keep the bottom down to the sill and pull the top down to allow in more sunlight.

To Amanda: You'll find a world of items - from light filtering to black out fabrics; shades for windows, arches and skylights. We’ve posted some great d├ęcor photos on the blog and on Pinterest.

Thanks everyone for your interest in entering our Lucky Lady Bug contest! And thanks, Barbara, for following CWS on Pinterest.


michedt said...

I'd get a couple 3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering shades, the total black out ones.
Michelle Tucker

coriwestphal said...

I might get the Symphony Cellular Black Out(Honeycomb) Shades for our bedroom!

coriwestphal at msn dot com