Barbara's Beat: Win an iPhone 5 “Ultimate Safety Device”

Friday, January 11, 2013

Win an iPhone 5 “Ultimate Safety Device”

EmergencyLink, the free emergency ID network, has made a 2013 resolution to inspire the 211 million unprepared Americans to get organized for unexpected emergencies. One of the most effective and dependable ways to feel safer in the New Year is to turn your smartphone into the ultimate safety device!

EmergencyLink kicked off its Ultimate Safety Device iPhone 5 Giveaway to encourage individuals to be more prepared for emergencies. Each week, for the rest of January, one lucky EmergencyLink member will receive a new phone. Anyone can enter the contest by joining EmergencyLink, for free, via the website or Facebook.

A single entry is permitted through one of four ways:
(1) going to and joining EmergencyLink,
(2) joining EmergencyLink through Sponsor’s Facebook app, or
(3) joining EmergencyLink by downloading Sponsor’s mobile app and signing up on a mobile device, or
(4) being an existing member of EmergencyLink. 

Below are some emergency preparedness tips to check off your resolution list in the New Year:

1.      Turn your Smartphone into a safety device – Download safety and emergency apps on your Smartphone so that you are prepared and protected wherever you are.

2.      Be identifiable – Make sure you, as well as your family, have emergency and medical identification on you at all times.

3.      Share important medical information – Make sure you share medical conditions you have or medications you are taking with family, friends and colleagues.

4.      Scan and save important documents online – Join the digital age! Scan and securely store your medical records, living will, passport, etc. so you have access to these important documents wherever you are, especially if they get lost.

Ends Jan. 31.

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