Barbara's Beat: Barbara's Beat was hit by malware in early Dec.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Barbara's Beat was hit by malware in early Dec.

It's been a stressful month for us. We've had malware hit Barbara's Beat, our photos, IE8, G+ page, and it wiped out our emails. That, my friends, is why we haven't run our holiday giveaways, yet.

We have been working through the holidays to fix some of the problems. We have our blog and photos back.

We still need the sponsors to contact us since our emails were wiped out, so we can get the the rules to get the giveaways done. We are still trying to retrieve the emails, although, we haven't given up trying to get them back..

It's sad that the Grinch stole Christmas from those that needed it so much this year. For that, we are so sorry. It breaks our hearts that some people are so cruel. 


barbara stenby said...

So Sorry that happened. Happy New Year and best wishes in the New Year

June M. said...

My email was hacked right before Christmas and I lost everything. They were able to get everything but about 1 day back thankfully.