Barbara's Beat: Kmart opens at 6am with doorbusters

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kmart opens at 6am with doorbusters

While others stores were fussing about opening at pm or 9 pm tonight, Kmart got a jump on all of them by opening this morning at 6am. They have some great deals, too. This wasn't in the newspaper that came out of the rack yesterday, but customers who had one delivered got the ad. So, there may not be a shopping crowd if you have time to shop.

Love the Shop Your Way Rewards points. Make sure you use your card, or sign up if you don't have one.

Here are some 4pm Kmart doorbusters if 6am is too early. You will still beat the 8pm crowd.



This is the first page of the 8pm ad. I love the Barbie dolls and guns for the kids. But wait, weren't they on the earlier sale?
Happy shopping. Be safe.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Allyson Tice said...

im honeslty a little bummed by one wants to celebrate Thanksgiving anymore.. i am all for good deals.. but where is the Thanksgiving spirit? It seems like no holiday is sacred anymore.

nina said...

YES! kmart has really great deals im so excited! the kmart near me closed down but im going to have to drive a bit further for those great deals! xo