Barbara's Beat: Save the Date for the Etsy Craft Party

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Save the Date for the Etsy Craft Party

A Graduation Bouquet I made for my daughter-in-law's sister
I know many of you, like I, love crafting. Sometimes projects turn into dreams that never get finished, but when they do, doesn't it feel wonderful that it was handmade by you?
Etsy has announced it's Worldwide Craft Party date for 2012. It's a celebration of people coming together to make crafts, be creative and bring communities together.
Etsy has a Craft Party Team to help guide you if you want to host your own party. If not, you may find one near you to attend.
The excitement begins August 24. You have time to begin planning: who will come; what crafts and snacks to do; where to hold the party; when is the best time; how to get help to do everything.
Most of all, I hope you have time to get everything done so you can have fun. If you plan a party let me know if I can help by starting a Linky sign up.

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